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Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans

Consultant Psychologist, M.A. Psych, MAPS
Matthew’s counselling strengths are in treating anxiety, depression, and stress as well as relationship problems. He tailors his treatment to address the unique problems of each person in order to tap into their own resourcefulness and common sense. Matthew has a warm, empathic, approachable manner and creates a safe non-judgmental environment for confidential disclosure.

His areas of interest include:

He works with clients in both a short-term solution-focussed way as well as longer term therapy as the need arises.  Matthew has worked as a psychologist in both public and private clinics for more than 17 years. Matthew has trained and is experienced in delivering Interpersonal Therapy, Schema Therapy and Gottman Relationship counselling. He also assists clients to connect with their spirituality using mindfulness and similar strategies to address a range of presenting problems.

To ask a question please contact us via the form on this page or call (02) 9518 1061 to make an appointment with Matthew today.

Matthew’s Hours

Wednesday – 9.00am to 5.00pm
Thursday – 9.00am to 5.00pm
Friday – 9.00am to 5.00pm

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    Watch videos of Matthew speaking about his approach to psychology

    Soul Bytes: Jottings on Spirituality and Wellness


    When I ask my clients what they’re hoping for from therapy they often say that they want to be happier, more peaceful, more relaxed and at ease in their relationships and their life generally.

    To this end, I endevour to connect them with resources within themselves and in their environments: to tap into their innate wisdom and external support. I find that working with their spirituality is an important part of helping them connect with a sense of health, happiness, peace or well-being for which they’re searching. Over the coming months I will explore this area of spirituality and wellness in these monthly blogs.

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    Trail Marker 2: Connecting Up

    In this post I explore connecting up in terms of growing our capacity for connection. How do we move towards being more available, gracious, patient, generous, warm, affectionate and kind?

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    Trail Marker 1: Waking Up

    Trail Marker 1: Waking Up

    This post follows on from my previous post, The Journey Beyond Therapy, where I briefly outline the spiritual or transformational journey. At the end of this post I also include a short guided practice as ‘food for the journey’.

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