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Kristiina Jacobs

Kristiina Jacobs

M.A. Clin Psych, MAPS
Kristiina has been doing counselling and therapy for most of her adult life, beginning as a Lifeline volunteer and then progressing to qualify with distinction as a clinical psychologist. Kristiina had experience early on her professional career as a supervisor of intern psychologists and counselors, and always retained her love of nurturing and educating, which she aims to keep alive in the counselling space.

Kristina finds it easy to empathize with a broad range of people as she has experienced most of life’s difficult challenges, but has also been blessed with a good marriage, with being a mother and with the joys of intimate friendship.  In order to promote her ability to listen to and to be present for her clients, she has had a lifelong and abiding interest in Zen, Buddhist psychology and in yoga. Kristiina enjoys her work the most when she is able to blend insights based on these ancient wisdom traditions with up to date evidence-based psychological techniques.

Her original training was in psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as integrative psychotherapy. She has since done training in CBT, ACT, MiCBT (Mindfulness-integrated CBT) and coaching psychology. The mainstay of her approach is relational psychology.

Kristiina’s interests are in anxiety and depression, complex and chronic personality issues, post-natal depression, trauma, grief, relationship counselling and coaching psychology. She enjoys working with adults, throughout the adult lifespan, both male and female, from all cultural groups.

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Monday – 10.00am to 6.00pm 


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