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Workplace Issues

People spend a significant amount of time in the workplace. Whilst workplaces can be a source of enjoyment and satisfaction individuals can have negative experiences including:

  • Social conflict
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • High stress
  • Burnout
  • Communication difficulties
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace injury

Psychological issues such as high stress, anxiety and depression can result as a consequence of work related issues. Psychologists at Inner West Psychology use evidence based practice to address issues using modalities such as CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and Strengths Based approaches. Goals of therapy are to identify issues faced and work towards resolving those issues in a way that is satisfying, sustainable and empowering for the individual.

Corporate coaching and development can also be incorporated into sessions as part of the goal of overall development. Themes of leadership, psycho-education and self-development can be incorporated into therapy sessions to foster individual insight and skill acquisition.

For those injured at work Inner West Psychologists are also able to provide services under the WorkCover program and are able to support individuals in collaboration with other health professionals to promote their recovery.

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